The Seer (Volume 1 of The O Manuscript)

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Hardcover: 176 pages
Publisher: Watkins Publishing 2012
Volume 1 of "The O Manuscript"

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"The Seer" is a compelling account of one man's spiritual awakening, written with extraordinary energy, candour and humility. The first of three books that together comprise "The O Manuscript", it is the beginning of a personal and philosophical quest that challenges conventional wisdom and takes the reader on a mystical journey through ancient history and modern times. The book begins with the author at a crossroads, suffering from debilitating health, his personal and professional lives disintegrating around him. Bed-ridden for three years, Lars Muhl was put in touch with a seer who helped him, over the telephone initially, to recover his energy and brought him back to life. The Seer became his spiritual leader, teaching him the inner truths of existence. We travel with him to Montsegur, a remote mountain village and castle in southern France, where he meets the Seer and begins his remarkable and challenging adventure. The book is not only a spellbinding introduction to the ancient vision of cosmic interconnectedness, but also a critical evaluation of a long list of limiting New Age dogmas. When Lars and the Seer part, the latter hands an old manuscript into the author's care - a doorway to further revelations.


5 out of 5 stars
By jules
25 May 2012 (

This book was absolutely brilliant, it kept me interested and not wanting to put it down.
I am looking forward to reading the next ones in the series.


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