04/09 2017

The Seer and The Grail - talk in the Netherlands on 23 September 2017


The Seer and The Grail - talk by Lars Muhl In Bilthoven, Netherlands

Experience Danish author, mystic and musician Lars Muhl at a lecture afternoon together with the authors Hein Stufkens and Klaas Laan. Lars Muhl will give a talk on his experiences with his spiritual mentor The Seer and his search for the multidimensional consciousness of The Grail.

Time: 23 September 2017 at 14.00-17.00.
Place: De Tuinzaal van Huize Het Oosten, Rubenslaan 1, 3723 BM Bilthoven, Netherlands.

More information here: www.bresmagazine.nl/lezingen20170923b.pdf




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