01/11 2016

Talk and workshop in Bruges, Belgium on 4-6 November 2016

Experience a talk and workshop with Lars Muhl in Bruges, Belgium



Talk on The O Manuscript

Lars Muhl will give a talk on his book trilogy "The O Manuscript" ("The Seer", "The Magdalene" & "The Grail") that has become an esoteric cult classic. Lars will tell how his book takes the reader on a fascinating mystical journey into the past and the present.

Time: 4 November 2016, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. 
Place: De evolutie, Bisschopsdreef 17, 8310 Brugge, Belgium.

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In the Stilness of the Heart workshop

Lars Muhl will run the 2-day healing workshop "In the Stilness of the Heart".

The first day will have the title "The Law of Light" and will be on on Yeshua’s Aramaic teachings. During the workshop Lars will introduce you to an old healing method, used by Yeshua and The Essenes. Yeshua (Jesus) spoke aramaic. Behind this language, an almost sensational, transpersonal psychology is hidden; a secret message that turns central themes in the New Testament upside down. By reading Yeshua’s message through Aramaic eyes, new revelatory possibilities unfold for a religious and sexually traumatized humanity - possibilities that once and for all, will settle centuries old conceptions of sin, and once again connect man with the heavenly spiritual source.

The second day will have the title "Crede et Vicisti" and will be on the teachings of The Seer (Calle de Montsegur) as presented in Lars' book "The Seer". It is about authentic attention and presence and how to use the sacred power of the heart and mind in service of healing. It is about precision in everything we do, about ethics and how to penetrate the dull drum of everyday life, to lift it up and bless your life in the sacred light of Spirit.

Time: 5-6 November 2016, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Place: De evolutie, Bisschopsdreef 17, 8310 Brugge, Belgium.

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