11/12 2014

More Music


Hasten slowly, all is holy. Listen closely. There is a song that only the heart can hear. Dive right in at the center of the center. Thanks to Steven Walters for wiriting, singing and producing these heavenly songs of silence.





Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys were the otsider in the band. But he was the outsider that sung his songs from deep within. Some of the most moving songs and arrangements one can hear. This is surely one of the lost treasures of music.






The voice of heaven singing songs of pure gold.




This album means so much to me. And I bring it everywhere. Spiritual songs of the highes calibre.




Arthur Lee and the Love made this classic album in a time of turmoil. A masterpiece from 1967.




Leonard Cohens very first album will always stay the best of his on my chart. I was in Israel 1969 when I first heard it. And the sound of this record will always remind me of walking down Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv, picking up the laundry.




It is really hard to have to put this artist and these songs and this voice into words. They are from a strange world. Just put it on and expand.




Paul Simon is one of my favoured songwriters and Simon & Garfunkel some of my favoured artists. This album is also from my time in Israel 1969. Bookends is so much ahead of its time. 




Tilbage / Back