04/12 2014

12 Spiritual Classics


One of the strongest and most moving recordings of some of the best religious choral music ever written. The performance is of the highest standard. This recording will actually change the listener forever. The call for the Seraphim and the Cherubm is answered everytime you play this record.




Two of Bethovens late string quartetts played by 20 strings of Wiener Philharmonics conducted by Leonard Bernstein When you are listening to this recording attentively, you'll actually hear the spirit of the music come alive. I've never heard a recording like it. Nothing really compares to this.




Helmuth Walcha's interpretation of Johan Sebastian Bach's organ works is unique. This is the kind of music the Universe are build of.




Henryk Górecki's Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Soorowful Songs) is one of the most haunting and moving pieces of music ever created. Especially the second movement, which is based on a prayer to Holy Mother Mary, written on a wall in a nazi-prison cell by a young jewish girl just before she was shot.




Haydn's last symphony, 104 "London", was the first classical recording I ever heard. I was 10 years at the time, and it is Haydn at his very best, combining Beethoven and Mozart in this perfect piece of music.




Another masterpiece from Beethoven and not least Bernstein as conductor. But it must be in this specific recording.




Intimate spanish piano music, that have meant the world to me. It is most healing and soothing for the soul.




Just put an ear to Barbara Hendricks vocal in the Agnus Dei in this Mozart masterpiece. Wow.




Faure's Requiem is some of the most uplifting and beautiful music I know of. And this rendition is the best ever recorded.




I am a big fan of Arvo Pärt, and I especially love his piano music.




Fairuz is the greatest singer of the middle east. This is most moving, and very healing choral music. Be sure to have your kleenex's within reach.




Bach – The father of all music (to me, that is). It is actually possible to buy almost everythinh he ever wrote (156 cd's) for less than 100 english pounds. This is heavenly music for a lifetime.



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